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Tom Garstin Aldesko Garden Office

About Us

The initial idea for Aldesko was born around a certain period in the early 2020s. For many people, working from home was not an easy task – lack of space, lack of boundaries, lack of privacy – these all made things very difficult for a number of people. Tom felt a need for an affordable work from home solution for those people living in rental accommodation, or with limited gardens or budget to still have a perfect work set-up, that could be taken with them when they move.​


During his time as an electrician serving customers in the City of Bath, he came across a number of people who had squeezed a desk under the stairs. You’d assume these areas would be dark and oppressive, but many people really enjoyed their little space, despite being only 80cm wide. He thought, why not move that space outside?​


Using previous experiences in engineering, property, building full size garden rooms & electrical contracting he couldn’t help building a prototype to test the concept.


We hope the result will provide many people with an ideal personalised space to carry out their work in comfort, regardless of their home situation.

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