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The Aldesko Family

We specialise in designing & producing tiny garden offices.  While the original Aldesko Primo is the smallest we think we can go, we understand some people may want a little more room, be it to share the space with others or just to have a little more room for wider monitors. 


Take a look at all the options in the Aldesko family:

Aldesko Nail Bar sketch with dimensions

Looking for a convenient way to operate your nail business from home?  We can create a bespoke set-up for you ensuring you have just the right amount of space to work your nail magic.

Aldesko Nail Bar sketch cross section with dimensions
From £9,499

If the original Aldesko is too small for you, but you love its style, character and quality, you may want to consider the Aldesko Duo

Measuring 1450mm x 1450mm internally, it is still one of the smallest garden offices available but large enough for two monitors and two people.

Please get in touch to discuss customising and ordering or take a look in a bit more detail.

Aldesko Duo sketch with dimensions
Aldesko Duo sketch with dimensions
From £9,249

Aldesko Mio

Do you still want more space?

We will build any size up to 2m x 2m measured internally.

Please get in touch to discuss any specific requirements you have; we look forward to creating something for you.

£6,999- £10,999

The original Aldesko.  A tiny, portable office - as small as we think it is possible to go.

See in more detail.

From £5899
Aldesko outside picture with door closed
Aldesko Comparison Table
Aldesko Comparison Table
Aldesko Garden Office Logo
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